Black Opal Systems

Connect to Exari DocGen from a Low-Code Development Environment

About Exari DocGen

  • Powerful yet brilliantly simple 
  • Templates created in Word

Connect from Mendix

  • App store module 
  • Flexible integration with your app

Connect from OutSystems

  • Published as an Extension 
  • Encapsulates Webservice



You want advanced Document Generation capacity within a low-code development environment.


We offer proven seamless integration with Exari DocGen from the Mendix and OutSystems platforms.


Call us on 02 070 960 659 to learn more.




  • How much does it cost? 
  • What data formats are supported? 
  • How to create templates? 
  • What is Exari logic?
  • What development skills?


Last updated: January 2018