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About PowerAuthor / Coupa (Exari) DocGen

  • This is a low-code environment for document generation


  • It was originally developed by Exari. It is now owned by Coupa and embedded in its Contract Lifecycle Management product

Employment Documentation

Our client had a key precedent that it made available to certain of its retained clients for use under relatively low-value and non-contentious circumstances. The arrangement had become onerous to administer and the limitations on its use caused permanent friction between the parties. 

The Word-template precedent, along with its completion instructions, have now been replaced by a much more popular online, on-demand service.

Key benefits:

  • The administration overhead has been eliminated;
  • The increased scope of the online service has removed the causes of friction;
  • Word-of-mouth recommendation has led to an increase in the number of retained clients.

NDAs for Visiting Engineers

Our client's client is a large engineering concern. They regularly host, at very short notice, trainee engineers, their mentors and visiting technical assessment teams.

They needed to draft, negotiate and have their visitors sign highly-specialised NDAs relating to their presence in R&D labs and their participation in assessment programmes.

We helped our client develop an online, on demand, NDA to be used by the engineers themselves to create the documents they needed.

Key benefits:

  • The turn-around time was reduced from days to minutes;
  • Levels of compliance increased;
  • The relationship with the client improved dramatically.

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