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  • Search in the App Store for 'Word' to find our "Beatrix" module.


  • Supports direct document generation and the full interview process for template-specific data items.

Documentation for Youth Social Services

In one European country, national provision of youth social services is delivered through a number of regional entities, all of which use the same case management IT system with local configuration changes.  There are dozens of national standard legal documents and dozens more specialist ones used locally.  Each entity can modify the look-and-feel, though not the content, of the standard national legal documents.

The provider of the IT system needed to devolve the development and formatting of document templates to each of the local entities, while retaining control of the content of the national legal documents.

Key benefits:

  • Devolution of template development and maintenance;
  • Dramatic performance improvements;
  • Increased usage of the case management system.

Online Insurance Application

A niche insurance provider sought to increase its market share via an online quotation app. During and after the app's development, there were continual wording changes to the insurance contract, all of which had to be implemented by developers and followed by a redeployment.

Mendix' own documentation generation was replaced with Exari DocGen access via the "Beatrix" module.

Key benefits:

  • The contract wording is held separately from the Mendix app;
  • Maintenance of the wording is carried out by the business;
  • An amendment to the wording can be completed in minutes.

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