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About Mendix Studio Pro

  • Low-code IDE for professional developers


  • Powerful visual model-driven development environment

Documentation for Youth Social Services

In one European country, national provision of youth social services is delivered through regional entities. All entities use the same Mendix-developed case management system.  There are dozens of national standard legal documents and dozens more used locally.  Each entity can modify the look-and-feel of the standard national legal documents.

The provider of the IT system needed to devolve responsibility for document templates to the local entities, while retaining control of the content of the national legal documents.  The solution involved a bespoke connector between Mendix and the Exari DocGen environment.

Key benefits:

  • Devolution of template development and maintenance;
  • Dramatic performance improvements;
  • Increased usage of the case management system.

Site Inspection Application

A national animal welfare charity developed a wholly-owned business certifying production standards for the lifecycle of farmed animals.  The rapid growth of the scheme soon out-grew the documents and spreadsheets with which it had been operated. 

Mendix Studio Pro was used to develop a fully cloud-based application to facilitate the scheme's continued growth and profitable operation.

Key benefits:

  • Staff turn-over in the business dropped dramatically;
  • The business became profitable and respected in the industry;
  • The business was able to extend its reach to other farmed species.

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